Book Review: Gift of Sight by Erin Manbeck

Gift of SightTitle:  Gift of Sight

Author: Erin Manbeck

Publisher: Erin Manbeck

Published Date:  February 27, 2014




Regan is in a relationship that is going downhill and fast. She doesn’t know what’s going on with herself and just feels like a bitch. The only one that she feels close to his her dog Jackpot. Well, and of course her Gram. Her parents have been missing for years. They were kidnapped right in front of Regan when she was a child.

Regan’s relationship with Jackpot is anything but normal. She feels like there is something bringing them together. Little does she know that Jackpot is actually a Red Knight, Jake, from a Druid clan that was sent to protect her. Actually, Regan is to be Queen of the Druids. When Gram tells Regan all about her destiny she is not ready for any of it. She is ready to get rid of the boyfriend, Sam, that is not only an asshole, but a Shaman (which is part of the Druid stuff). Sam wants Regan for himself, but Jake isn’t having it. Will Sam get Regan or will Regan find her soul mate and become the next Queen of the Druids?


 I didn’t want to tell all in the summary and it’s a little short. The overall story is excellent. I really loved the idea of the Druids and Regan becoming the Queen and all that. The beginning was a little slow, but that’s how it usually is when you have a lot of backstory. And it’s all relevant backstory. It does pick up and had me reading until I got to the end.

Now. I’m not one to be mean in any of my reviews and I don’t intend to be here either. What I do want to do is give some constructive criticism. I understand that this is a self-published book. With that being said, it needs some lovin’ from an editor. There are many grammatical errors and sentence structure is somewhat lacking. At parts, I had to reread to understand what was trying to be said, because wrong words were used.

I’m not one that can read a story that has a lot of grammar and usage issues, but the story got me through. I see a lot of potential here. It really just needs someone to copy edit. And like I said before, I’m not trying to put the author down or make them feel bad. I want to be honest about what I thought and possibly help for future novels. The story and basics are there. The potential is great and I hope to see more books in the future!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Gift of Sight by Erin Manbeck

  1. I definitely appreciate your criticism and it’s funny because about a week ago I started looking into having someone edit it for me professionally so I can get it revised and redistributed.. It’s finding someone I can afford that is the problem. Every time I reread a section I find another mistake. I definitely pushed it out too quickly because I was excited. I am half way through the second book and when it’s done I will have that edited before distribution. Even with 4 sets of eyes doing rereads, if we’re not professionals we’re screwed. I thank you for taking the time to look at it and I’m tough skinned and appreciate honestly above all. Despite the grammar errors I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask if you would read the 2nd book when it’s done, and edited of course, so you can see how the story goes. Not even looking for a review, that’s up to you…I just think you will enjoy where I’m going with the story and I want to prove that I can do right. If you are interested let me know and when it’s done I’ll send you a free copy. Thanks again.

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