Movie Review: Divergent

Divergent Movie Cover

Who’s been out and seen the movie Divergent!?! Like any other book to movie franchise, the book is always way better. Of course it is! It takes a person how long to read a book? And how long to watch a movie? Exactly, movies have to put all that information into about 2 hours. If you can read an entire book that fast, way to go, but I can’t. I don’t think I would get all of the details if I read that quickly.

Tris (aka Shailene Woodley). I had my reservations. I’ve watched Secret Life of an American Teenager. I’ve seen her act. I wasn’t very impressed by the ABC Family show. But here? She is Tris. From the beginning on, she got her down. I was way impressed by her acting here and am very glad that she was able to step up to the character.

Four aka Tobias (aka Theo James). Before I saw the movie, I felt the he looked a little bit older than the books described. Watching the movie, I didn’t give a f*! He’s freaking hot! Holy wowee! He can be my Four anytime!

The rest of the characters didn’t really get their due diligence, but that’s what happens in movie adaptions. I am excited and can’t wait for the next movie to come out. I think I might see this one in theater a couple of more times, too! That first viewing is all about the new and comparison. The second one you can really appreciate what the director and actors have done.

If you haven’t seen the movie because you’re afraid it’s not that good. I have seen many a review that said it was horrible. Screw that! Go out there and judge it yourself.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Divergent

  1. I just went and saw the movie yesterday. Tris and Four…I have to agree they worked for me. The rest of the movie…not so much. I think it would have done the book justice if they split it into two movies somehow. Given everyone a chance to really get to know the other characters because they all play such important parts throughout the series. The whole thing felt rushed since there is so much that happens in the book. I’m positive I would have loved the movie if I hadn’t read the book but since I did…I was a bit disappointed. Will it stop me from seeing the next one, of course not.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. Those relationships made the books. Unfortunately, they didn’t think that was important in the movie. Tris’ reaction to killing Will was so much more in the book. Made her more human than anything else.

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