Book Review: Gift of Power by Erin Manbeck

giftofpowerTitle: Gift of Power

Author: Erin Manbeck

Publisher: Self Published

Published Date: April 22, 2014

Buy It: Amazon B&N



Regan is finally with the man of her dreams and is excited to learn that her parents are still alive. Despite declaring, to those closest to her, that she will take her position as Queen, her priority is to find them first.

With a mission comes a plan, and the only way for Regan to be successful is to learn how to control her new powers, face her enemy, and do what she can to hide from her destiny a little while longer.

Unfortunately, every step forward, she gets knocked back.

Someone or something has been watching her and reporting every move she makes back to the council. A council who is not only eagerly awaiting her arrival in Ireland, but have apparently started to plan her future.
Will Regan give up on finding her parents and being with Jake to make the council and her people happy?

The truth will surprise you and the outcome might just break your heart.


My Thoughts

This second book in the Gifted trilogy is one that leaves a good taste in your mouth. Unlike some sequels, this one is better than the first. I’m so glad that this one stood up to the potential of the first book. Not only is the editing a huge plus, but the whole story line really picked up! I really liked how this book picked up from the moment that the first book ended. I can’t wait to see the third book! I have to know what happens! There are a lot of loose ends to tie and I want to see how those go.

Regan is a very likable character. Although she has all these powers, she is still a flawed human. Like everyone. She doesn’t magically get everything right and know what to do. She has to work through the good and the bad. Doing things that most of us would probably do. Plus, who wouldn’t want a hunky soul mate to help them through? I still see a lot of potential in this story and author. I will be watching were they are going!


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