Game Fest:What Would You Do?

What exactly is Game Fest? Well, at my library…it’s a monthly program I try to hold that teens, preteens and kids at heart can play the gaming systems that my library owns. Summer is a little different, we have Game Fest once a week to keep the kids busy and to expend some of their energy.

Right now we have some pretty good consoles. We have PS2, PS3 and PS4. Also, Wii and Xbox 360. We try to keep up on the most popular games so that the under privileged kids get a chance to play on consoles that they normally wouldn’t be able to get their hands on. Plus, it’s just an all around good time. Who doesn’t like getting together with other people and playing games? Most people.

The problem? When they don’t get along. How do you get kids that don’t get along to share time with each other without having to constantly be on them? I had an 8 year old Hispanic male yelling and giving racial slurs to a 14 year old African-American male. There was nothing that started it. Just one not wanting the other to be there playing on what he thought was “his” game. Even when I corrected him, I had to shut down that console and make everyone leave that gaming unit to reset order. They got everyone involved in an argument for no apparent reason. I had seen the boys earlier in the library and they were fine. I don’t know if the aggression was from the video game itself (Street Fighter) or just a show of “manliness” in front of friends. One thing I did know, I was not going to have it in my program and shut it down immediately.

But what about next time? Do I not play that game? Do I not let those boys play? Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening!

Auf Wiedersehen!





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