Hey All! I’m Rena (pronounced rayna). I made it! I got what I consider my dream job (as of now)! I am a librarian! I’ve worked in the library field for over 10 years and with persistence, a Master’s degree and a little help from some awesome people that truly believed in me…I finally got a job I believe in. It’s amazing what waiting can do. I grew in ways I never would have imagined and I am happier now then I ever would have dreamed of. Will it be smooth sailing from here? No. But I will enjoy the waves, the bumps, the good times and the rough ones.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Hypothyroidism and I also suffer from chronic migraines. Yay, Me! I’ve been overweight my entire life and it’s nice to know that my body has been working against me this whole time. It’s not just that I’m lazy and like to eat. Don’t get me wrong. I am that. I’m just not as bad as I thought I was. Ha!

Another thing that is new to me is trying to be healthy. Along with all the new medications I’ve been on. I’m learning to eat better. Figuring out what exercises work for me and my schedule. That sort of thing. With all the information out there it’s hard to know what works and if it will work for me. Hopefully, my trial and errors can help others!

I don’t tend to take life too seriously, because I really just don’t have time for it. OH! And you’ll notice from time to time I’ll put some German heritage or words or stuff in here. My mom is German and I was born there. I like to integrate German culture into my life just to remind myself that half my family comes from there. Plus, it’s fun!


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