Game Fest:What Would You Do?

What exactly is Game Fest? Well, at my library…it’s a monthly program I try to hold that teens, preteens and kids at heart can play the gaming systems that my library owns. Summer is a little different, we have Game Fest once a week to keep the kids busy and to expend some of their energy. Continue reading


My First Day

Today was my first day as a librarian. True, I’ve worked at the library for almost 11 years now…9 years at this library in particular. But it’s different when you go from being a circulation clerk to Librarian. After 2 1/2 years with my Master’s of Library Science, I got the job! After many years of being told that this of that was holding me back. I got the job. After being told that I would have to go outside of the state to get a librarian job, because no one in this state would hire me. I got the job.


I’ve had a lot of ups and downs getting here. And I’m sure I’ll have even more on my journey. But what I will not do is give up. Because I have learned that my persistence wins!

My first day today, I got a little girl not even 6 years old to color me a coloring sheet. Just for me. I kept it. It’s on my desk at work. Is it perfect? No. But I told her it was awesome and we fist bumped (and blew it up). Right now…I’m fist bumping life! And like that coloring sheet, I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be!

I’m excited about this new journey in my life. Hoping to blog more. Books, library life, PCOS and more. Here’s to persistence, not being perfect and having fun doing it.

Auf Wedersehen!