Book Review: George and Martha by James Marshall



Title: George and Martha

Author: James Marshall

Illustrator: James Marshall

Publisher: HMH Books

Published Date: September 11, 1974

Source: library

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Goodreads Review:

Two lovable hippos teach the meaning of friendship in five separate vignettes: “Split Pea Soup,” “The Flying Machine,” “The Tub,” “The Mirror,” “The Tooth.”

My Thoughts:

George and Martha are “just friends.” They learn a lot from each other. Like not to lie to each other. That they like to be in each others company. Not to peep on each other while the other is in the tub. U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi, you ugly. And George the founder of the gold grill.

Friends…what are they good for? A lot. Just don’t try to look at them naked.

Auf Wiedersehen!