Book Review: The Bossy Gallito by Lucia M. Gonzalez



Title: The Bossy Gallito

Author: Lucia M. Gonzalez

Illustrator: Lulu Delacre

Publisher: Scholastic en Espanol

Published Date: June 1, 1999

Source: library

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Goodreads Summary:

There was once a bossy little rooster, un gallito mandon, who was on his way to the wedding of his uncle the parrot, su tio el perico. Until he gets dirty and demands everyone help him become clean again. A very funny book in English and Spanish that will delight both adults and children.

My Thoughts:

Hi, I’m an asshole rooster and I think I’m better than everyone else. I’m going to eat this corn I found in the mud and I know that it’s going to make me dirty, but I don’t care. Damn, I’m dirty now. You must make me clean. You. No? You! Hurt the first person that wouldn’t help me! No? You! Hurt the second person that wouldn’t help me! No? You! Hurt the third person that wouldn’t help me! Oh, look here’s my best friend, the sun. He’ll help. Hey, bff. Could you please do something about these plebs not doing as I command? Yeah? Thanks! Bam!

I get it. He finally said please. But that asshat is well…an asshat to everyone he meets. And then he finally says please and gets his way? Uh? No! Go to the damn wedding with a dirty beak you assbutt(spn4ever!). Definitely talk to your kids after they read this.

Auf Wiedersehen!